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AlfaMD Medical Billing Services

AlfaMD provides end-to-end Revenue Cycle Management Solutions that enable providers to get paid faster so they can focus on providing quality care.

At Adnare, we are providing products and services like Practice Management Applications, Credentialing, Billing Services, and A/R Management to enhance your growth and productivity. Our quality standards include customer satisfaction, social and business responsibility, and ongoing efforts to advance the development of healthy natural and business environments.

At our company, we are confident in our ability to help our clients maximize revenue, reduce costs, and streamline operations, all while maintaining the highest levels of compliance and professionalism. We believe that our team’s expertise, combined with our commitment to excellence, sets us apart as a leader in the medical billing industry

Our Team

At our company, we have a team of approximately 100 dedicated professionals with extensive experience in the medical billing industry. Our team includes skilled medical billing professionals, knowledgeable managers, QA Specialists, dedicated team leads, and supportive onboarding specialists.
With a team of this size and expertise, we are equipped to handle the unique needs of healthcare providers and facilities of all sizes and specialties. We pride ourselves on our commitment to staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends and regulations, as well as our ability to provide exceptional customer service to our clients.

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Our RCM Services

Unlimited Claims

We offer unlimited claims processing for our clients, ensuring that all of their medical claims are submitted accurately and in a timely manner.

Accurate Data Entry

Our team of highly trained medical billing specialists ensures that all patient information and billing codes are entered accurately, reducing the risk of claim denials.

Clean Claim Rate

Our clean claim rate is around 95% to 98% which is best in the industry.

Rapid Claim Processing

Our streamlined processes and advanced technology allow us to process claims quickly, which means faster payments for our clients.

Electronic Claim & Paper Submission with Attachments

We offer both electronic and paper claim submission options, and we can also attach any necessary documents to support the claim.

Electronic Insurance Remittance Enrollment

We can enroll our clients in electronic insurance remittance, allowing for quick and efficient payment processing.

Denial Capture & Effective Denial Management

Our team is experienced in identifying and addressing claim denials, minimizing the impact on our clients' revenue cycle.

Real-Time Access to Our Cloud-based Software

Our cloud-based software provides our clients with real-time access to their billing and revenue cycle data, allowing for greater transparency and control.

Remittance Reconciliation & Balancing

We ensure that all payments received are accurately applied to the correct patient accounts, providing our clients with a complete picture of their financials.

Statistical Monthly Reporting and Electronic Archiving

We provide detailed monthly reports to our clients, which include key financial metrics, claims data, and revenue cycle performance. We also archive all important documents electronically for easy retrieval.

Committed Team Lead & Billing Team

Our dedicated team of medical billing specialists is led by an experienced team leader who ensures that our clients receive the highest quality of service.

Account Receivables Management with our Signature Follow-up system

Our signature follow-up system ensures that all accounts receivables are managed effectively, reducing the risk of missed payments and revenue loss.

Effective Patient Billing & Account Receivables Management

We offer a comprehensive patient billing and account receivables management service, including payment plan options and collections.

Thorough HIPAA-Compliant Communication through our Online Portal

We ensure that all communication related to medical billing is HIPAA-compliant, and we offer a secure online portal and mobile app for easy communication.

Insurance Verification Training for in-house staff

We offer insurance verification training for our client’s in-house staff, ensuring that all patient insurance information is verified accurately.

Industry Awareness & Coding Related Modifications

We stay up-to-date with the latest industry regulations and coding changes, ensuring that our clients remain compliant and optimized for revenue.

A streamlined and supportive onboarding process

We have a proven onboarding process that ensures a seamless transition for our clients, including detailed training and support.

Quarterly Check-in Meetings

We schedule quarterly check-in meetings with our clients to discuss their revenue cycle performance, identify areas for improvement, and provide additional support as needed.

Specialty-Focused Billing Services

Primary Care
Physical Therapy
Internal Medicine
Mental Health
Home Health
Family Medicine

Are you looking for a way to transform your healthcare practice and deliver better care to your patients? Contact us to learn more !

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